Individual Unlimited

  • Unlimited monthly membership.

Couples Unlimited

Individual Unlimited (3)

Couples Unlimited (3)

Individual Unlimited (6)

Couples Unlimited (6)

Attendance Packs / Punch Cards

Free CrossFit Class (Introduction)

  • 1 Attendance Pack

Free Week of Training

  • 7 Attendance Pack

CrossFit Kids (Introductory Class)

  • 1 Attendance Pack

Open Seminar (Row or Dubs)

  • 1 Attendance Pack

    1 Open prep seminar

Open Seminars (Rowing/Dubs)

  • 2 Attendance Pack

    Open prep seminars

Non-Member ND Barbell Club

  • 1 Attendance Pack

Barbell Club (NDCF Member)

  • 4 Attendance Pack

Drop In

  • 1 Attendance Pack

Winter CrossFit Camp (1 week)

  • 5 Attendance Pack

    The Winter CrossFit Camp will run from December 18 - 29th from 11 to noon daily. This pass will allow 1 week of classes.

7 Day Pass (1 week)

  • 5 Attendance Pack

    A five day pass that expires in 7 days.

5 Punch Pass

  • 5 Attendance Pack

CrossFit Kids (8 Punches - NDCF Member)

  • 8 Attendance Pack

CrossFit Kids (8 Punches)

  • 8 Attendance Pack

New Year's Promo

  • 30 Attendance Pack

    YOU determine how much you save. For those members that sign up for a memberships between now and January 31, 2018, we will discount your monthly membership according to the amount of weight you lose in 30 days. That’s right. You wanna save money? No problem, you earn it via your results. No limit on the discount, either.


  • 6 Attendance Pack

20 Punch Pass

  • 20 Attendance Pack

Personal Training Packages

1-on-1 Personal Training

  • 1 Attendance Pack

On-Ramp Personal Training

  • 6 Attendance Pack

    These sessions will provide an individual with a solid foundation of CrossFit movements and standards. The coach will use our current On-Ramp program and develop a personalized plan to improve weakness and enhance strengths. This program is great for any individual that wants to improve their fitness level.

1-on-1 (10 Sessions)

  • 10 Attendance Pack